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AP 24 whitening toothpaste from NuSkin

Any thoughts on this? I haven’t heard of this before until a patient asked me about it! It does have fluoride, but I haven’t looked far enough into it regarding abrasiveness or what’s actually “whitening”. Thoughts?

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1 Answer

This toothpaste is sold by a “pyramid scheme” MLM company known for less than stellar products that are over-priced. It’s abrasive, so the enamel is micro-etched which initially gives teeth a brighter appearance (light refraction), but then can stain easier due to micro-etching and of course there is enamel loss. This, even though the company’s website claims a low RDA score, that of 70-80, but why the range? Why not a specific number? I read on a hygiene forum about a hygiene student who did an RDA analysis and it was 103 or above. This is still a mid-range for RDA scores, but still a difference in what the company claims. This is a red flag to me! The company also calls the RDA scale, “radioactive dentin abrasion,” and that isn’t even the correct term. RDA stands for relative dentin abrasion. So if they don’t know the correct term, was it even tested would be my question. There isn’t any research on it that I have found, so that’s a red flag, again, not to use it or recommend it. Here is a great video about why not to use this toothpaste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlFKKNKgZ8k&feature=youtu.be
If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! We should practice evidence-based dentistry and recommend products that are researched for efficacy, this product simply isn’t.

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