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California Dental Hygiene License

I am wondering if anyone has insight on requirements to administer local anesthesia/nitrous oxide in California. I have completed necessary coursework through my board-accredited dental hygiene program and have been practicing hygiene for 13 years. According to the ADHA website, local anesthetic requirements for CA state: Course taken as part of a DH program/approved by the Dental Hygiene Committee of CA. I spoke with the licensing director in California, but she was quite rude and not helpful at all. After our conversation, I gathered the only way a dental hygienist can practice in California is to take one of three local anesthesia exams, only given in CA and at the price of $5,000. The information I received contraindicated what is listed on the ADHA website. I am looking for anyone who can help me sort through this. Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

The information given directly from the Dental Hygiene Committee of California is the info I would go with. They make the rules and regulations, so they are the most accurate. Yes, on top of hygiene school training they require extra training for local and N2O. Here is a link to approved courses for local anesthesia and nitrous oxide: http://www.dhcc.ca.gov/licensees/certifications.shtml
Here is a link to how to apply for licensure by credential: http://www.dhcc.ca.gov/applicants/becomelicensed_rdh_lbc.shtml
And a helpful checklist: http://www.dhcc.ca.gov/formspubs/app_rdh_lbc_checklist.pdf
I’m sorry who you spoke to was less than helpful! Hopefully these links will help!

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