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What is you opinion on WaterPik waterflossers? Do you recommend them to you patients? I’m really looking for as many different opinions as I can get.

For me, I prefer WaterPik brand waterflossers that sits on the countertop and plugs into an outlet. I have tried the Sonicare brand rechargable handheld AirFloss and hated it. With that product, I feel that the air does nothing and the water isn’t forceful enough to clean well. Also, handheld ones only hold like 3 drops of water, so to clean all your teeth you’d need to fill it multiple times. The features I like about the countertop WaterPik are that the water resivoir holds enough water to clean the entire mouth and it has a dial on the side where you can adjust the forcefulness of the water from 1 to 10. That way if your gums are sensitive you can dial down the power and still use it. I bought mine a few years ago to help with localized inflammation around a crown and when I use it regularly then I am able to floss the area with no bleeding or discomfort. I feel like it helps to clean 360 degrees around crown margins and implants where plaque is trapped and floss can’t reach well. I also feel like it has the potential to clean deeper under the gums than string floss for perio pts. It’s handy for pts with dexterity issues and “non-flossers”. Since it’s a machine that’s easier to use than string floss and sits on your counter it can better motivte those stubborn pts who flat out tell you the will never floss.

I LOVE the WaterPik for gum health. The only thing I’m not 100% sold on is if it is as good at caries revention as string floss. I usually recommend for my high cries risk pts to brush (usually with RX fluoride paste) and floss after to push fluoride interproximal and better protect the sides of teeth. Without the mechanical action of sliding btwn the contact point, I am cautious on weather string floss beats WaterPik on this issue. So…to cover all the bases, I usually tell pts it is best to use is as an adjunct to flossing and suggest doing one in the morning and the other at night, or alternating every other day with both Water Pik and string.

Thoughts please ?

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1 Answer

I always tell my patients that WaterPik’s are great IN ADDITION to regular flossing habits. They are an awesome tool to help stimulate gums, remove left over plaque, etc. but I don’t feel like they actually get the contact like actual floss does.

They also make WaterPik’s for your shower head to prevent all the water mess. I don’t like the hand held ones because they don’t have enough power.


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