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Bad Temping Experience

Recently, for a number of reasons, I decided to go back to temping for a while. I tempted full time for about a year after I first graduated and actually quite liked the experience.
Today, however, I ran into a situation I had never encountered.
I was told by the temp agency that the assignment was from 7:45am to 5pm. I arrived promptly at 7:45, and was asked to sit in the break room while the staff had their “morning meeting”.
At 8:00 I was thrown into an operatory with a very cursory overview of how things run and where things were located.
Over the course of the day, I saw 15 patients. This included two full mouth series. The assistant, and even the doctor helped move things along, but I found myself hard pressed to even take a bathroom break.
All day long, I was asked if I was done and, “how much longer”. I was told what and how to execute every part of my day. I felt their exasperation when I didn’t do so perfectly.
They made sure I got a full lunch, and at 5pm sharp, with a patient in the chair, and the doc still doing an exam, I was informed I was done for the day. Ok.
I filled out my time sheet, indicating my 7:45 start time. They contested it, insisting my start was 8am. The doctor amended the time sheet, and sent an email to the temp agency.
Now, truly, I don’t really care about the 15 minutes. But, it was a disheartening experience. I contacted the temp agency (run mostly by one person with whom I have good relationship and excellent record) and haven’t gotten a response.
Am I wrong for feeling that the whole day was entirely mishandled?

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1 Answer

By the sounds of it, I don’t feel you are wrong in thinking the day was mishandled. I’m glad you contacted the temp agency because they need to know what kind of offices they are sending temps to. Amending your time sheet is especially concerning and something the temp agency needs to address.
I feel that as a temp, you are helping an office out in a pinch. Most offices are thankful and will help you along the way to make the day run smooth, not be on you all day. It is disheartening how this office handled the day.

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