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Being slow

I am pretty new to the world of hygiene outside of school and I have done some temping in different offices so far. My problem is that I’ve been told that I’m slow at teeth cleaning.
How can I speed up my scaling while being thorough and having good time management?
Thank you

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1 Answer

I am not sure what your process is for your hygiene appointments, but I find that using the ultrasonic really helps with minimizing the length of time for my cleanings. I have been practicing hygiene for about 3 years now and at the office I work in now, we are doing xrays (when needed), full mouth probes for all patients, ultrasonic, hand scaling, polishing and flossing for all adult patients. We have an hour for all adult prophys (unless we need more time due to the amount of buildup). When I first starting practicing hygiene, I didn’t use the ultrasonic for every patient. I would use it if I saw a decent amount of calculus for a patient, otherwise I was hand scaling the whole time. Since being in my current office, the doctors I work for want us to use the ultrasonic for all patients unless there is a reason we aren’t able to use it. I have found that the ultrasonic really helps shorten the amount of time I need to do a successful cleaning in a shorter amount of time. If you aren’t using the ultrasonic, I would encourage trying to use it for prophys as long as you are able to and have them at the offices you are working.

Another thing that helps is to try to clean all surfaces you are able to reach in the chair position you are sitting in before moving chair positions. I will do all surfaces toward me then all surfaces away. How much time are you typically getting for the hygiene appointments? I know it makes it more difficult since you are temping and they already have their times set for the hygiene visits so it makes it difficult to ask for more time.

The time it took me for the cleanings also sped up after I was feeling more comfortable with doing hygiene in general. It will take time to start feeling confident and being able to speed up your process. I would say if you are already using the ultrasonic, it is probably just a matter of allowing yourself to feel better about your skills and it will naturally make you speed up your cleanings.

There isn’t really a magic fix to time management, but I think starting with the few tips I gave could help! Also, if you are doing a lot of talking, you could try to minimize that a little bit to see if that helps at all. It is tough being told you are slow, but it will get better, I promise! I hope this helps!

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