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Buying your own instruments and ultrasonic

Does anyone own their own instruments? The dr I work for refuses to buy another cavitron because she bought one less than 6 months ago and it broke and is inoperable. It’s been probably about almost a month without it and my hands are exhausted. I’m at the point where I’m thinking I may consider purchasing one myself but it seems kind of weird. I feel like having an ultrasonic at an office is just the standard of care, I shouldn’t have to go out and buy one. I do work at another office one day a week and hate the equipment at that office so I guess I could use it there too. Any thoughts?

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1 Answer

I completely agree with you! I am a firm believer that a doctor should provide the needed equipment to do your job effectively. Without proper equipment/instruments you aren’t only doing your patients an injustice, you are risking musculo-skeletal injury to yourself and possibly even shortening your career due to injury. This is why I personally wouldn’t work for a doctor who didn’t provide me with the necessary equipment (and instruments). With that said, there are hygienists who buy their own hand instruments. To have to buy your own ultrasonic does seem weird though. Granted, you need to do what you need to do for you and your patients, but I honestly feel the doctor should be held responsible for equipment like that. The doctor is a business owner. Being a business owner means their are expenses. If the front desk computer broke, I bet the doctor would buy a new one. If something the doctor uses on a daily basis broke, I bet they would buy a new one too.
Just wondering, if the doctor bought the ultrasonic 6 months ago, isn’t it under warranty? Can the broken ultrasonic be sent in to be fixed at a much lower price than buying a new one? Just a few ideas there!
What a tough situation to be in here, I hope you can find a solution without having to buy your own ultrasonic!

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