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Clinical NP

I just found out that I received a NP for my clinic this semester due to the low score I received on Practicum I. I was not sure what to expect for my first Practicum and was unexpectedly terrified when I took it haveing 3 Professors so close to me, not saying a word …you know how it is. I did well in clinic besides that score and passed Practicum II. Although all my grades for clinic were between 88-100 that one Practicum was so low it left me with an overall score of 73. The school I was attending will not allow a student to reapply if they do not pass Clinic and is also the only school in my state to offer DH. I have already spoken to the director and rules are rules so I will not be allowed to reapply.
This is all I have wanted to do, I quit my job rearranged my life to attend school and now I’m not sure if it’s possible. There are two out of state schools that are 2 hour commutes from me but I am 36 yes old and have two children so the commute would be hard on my family. Looking for advice and what others would do.

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1 Answer

I’m so sorry you are in this situation. It’s definitely a tough one, especially when you have a family. If your heart is absolutely set on becoming a dental hygienist, you will have to make sacrifices to make it happen; whether it is commuting or moving closer to another school.
Granted I don’t have children, but I moved across the state to attend hygiene school (5 hours away from home). Others in my program moved from even further, some from halfway across the country with their kids. It was a sacrifice we were all willing to make to attain our goals.
Whether you are willing to make this happen is a decision only you can make. My advice would be to do what you need to do so you don’t look back and wonder “what if…” I wish you the best of luck!

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