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I have to re-take the state exam… again because my patient was unaccepted for the second time. I have tried everything from A-Z to find the perfect patient. I would love any advice and opinions about the CRDTS exam. I do believe it is unfair due to the lack of fairness. I have tried, friends/family/coworkers, handed out flyers, contacted dental offices for referrals, volunteer clinics/health depts, nextdoor app…etc. This is my last step to becoming a RDH. I have already obtained my BS in DH and I am ready to work! All advice is appreciated.

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1 Answer

Finding a board patient is tough, I’m sorry you feel the process is unfair. Former classmates of mine who were having a hard time finding a patient took explorers, mirrors, and a probe everywhere they went. They even screened grocery clerks/checkers at our local stores. Some screened patients at homeless shelters as well. Is there a classmate you can share a patient with? Some of my classmates shared a patient to ease the process of finding a candidate.
I would also suggest offering to compensate a patient, which might make more people willing to be screened. I went to hygiene school in Northeast Oregon and my clinical boards were in California. I drove my patient, paid for all of her meals and anything she needed, paid for two nights in a hotel, gave her $200, and the completion of her treatment after boards was free to her at my school’s clinic.
While I took WREB, not CRDTS, I have a couple of close friends who are examiners for CRDTS. From what they have told me, clinical exams are similar in that they list the criteria for patients and your ability to screen, detect calculus, and accurately probe to find a qualifying candidate is like the test before the test.
Again, I’m sorry you are having such a hard time! I really do wish you the best of luck!

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