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Dental Medical Staffing Inc in Oregon

Just wondering what your thoughts are about the company and if you have any tips for temping for a fresh graduate.

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1 Answer

I have worked with them in the past. I was directly out of school and wanted to gain some experience through temping. What I found was they were extremely helpful and friendly until you turned them down for a job. Then they would not call very often. I was unsure if this was because they were “punishing” me for not being available one time or if they just always call those that are ALWAYS available.
I also had a bad experience where they sent me to a practice that needed someone who was nitrous certified and I had expressly stated in my interview with DMS that I choose never to work with nitrous and have not kept my certification. This caused a huge problem for the practice that she sent me to and also for me since said practice blamed me.
Another thing…many solid offices do not use their services any longer so much of the work will be in corporate dental practices and some a bit iffy, at least in my experience.
Lastly, since you are right out of school, they will attempt to undercut you in pay. They will use your inexperience as a reason but I do not agree with this line of thought. As a new RDH, you are providing the same service as an experienced RDH. They are still charging the dental practice the same amount, which is a lot, but paying you less. All this does is put more money in their pocket. You deserve to get paid the going rate in the area you are working.
Good luck if you do decide to go through them, personally I have found that being an “independent” temp contractor is a better way to go. 🙂

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