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Employment rights in Oklahoma

I have worked in my current office for almost 5 years. My first 3 years were part time. September 2014, I started working full days 4 days/wk. I still worked only 3 days per wk this last summer, now otherwise work 4. I have many questions but one is where would I look to find out our rights as a hygienist in my state of Oklahoma? I have no benefits, no paid time off, and recently found out I have never had a paid holiday. I have stupidly thought that my dentist was at least paying me holidays since the assistants and office manager are paid. When I asked her she stated that I was paid by the day and not hourly so it wasn’t offered. I love my doctor and the location of this office but am feeling used. I haven’t had a raise since I started and our office manager shows me no respect. Sorry for the long story. Any thoughts?

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1 Answer

Don’t be sorry for the long story, context always helps! I know this doesn’t help now, but in the future, always discuss details, such as benefits and when reviews and raises are done, at the time of hire. With that said, it is the pits that everyone else has benefits but you. I don’t see it as good business practice to not treat employees equally.
As far as where you would look for employee rights, I would suggest contacting Oklahoma’s Department of Labor. Your local or state ADHA component could be a good resource as well. An employment attorney could also give you some great advice.
I would also ask your doctor for a performance review. Print out your daily production and use this to show your worth. You should be making roughly 35% of your production (not collections). I would also have a sit down with your doctor and discuss the office manager situation. Everyone needs to respect each other to make an office run efficiently and as a team.
Finally, I don’t blame you for feeling used. When things aren’t fair and even all around, its hard not to feel used. Again, have a chat with your doctor, even if things don’t change, at least you have expressed your concerns- because if no one knows something is broken, there’s no way to fix it. Good luck and keep your chin up!

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