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Ethics Case Study Help

I’m doing my first case study analysis in my final term of school, and I’m having a bit of trouble trying to decide which ethical principles the situation would fall under, as my text book only lists the Dentist Principles of Ethics and Codes of Conduct.

It’s a situation of a hygienist seeing a patient for a routine scaling in the office of a general dentist. She finds a periodontal problem not previously noted, explained to the patient the existent of an abnormality that is going to talk to the dentist about treatment.

She communicates to the dentist in private that she feels the patient exhibits a moderately advanced stage of periodontal disease; the probing depths of 6mm pockets are mentioned and the tissue being inflamed and enlarged.

The dentists responds “don’t worry, it’s been that way for a long time, I think we can maintain her with cleaning periodically” and tells the same thing to the patient and moves on to another patient.

The hygienist tells the patient she isn’t comfortable doing only a routine scaling and she should maybe reschedule at another time with the other hygienist in the office.

The patient asks her what she would do if she were in the patient’s position, and the hygienist answers with “I would see a periodontist.”

My teacher gave us the syllabus that asks us to format a case of action for each case (we have 5 total to do every week). I’m going to ask for further clarity, as to me, it seems as though the hygienist in the study already took action by suggesting the patient see a periodontist. And we need to refer at least 2 ethical principles and provide a rationale for each. That I understand, and I’ve chosen 4 possibilities already. But I’m just not sure I “get” this case.

Any input is appreciated! Thank you so much for your time! I’m also reading the text and doing research on my own until it’s due on Jan 10th.

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1 Answer

I applaud your effort in asking for help, however, it may be best to discuss homework questions directly with your instructor for clarity. 🙂

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