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Failed to remove some sub cal and getting fired for it

Upon completion of SRPs I missed some sub cal and dr discovered it on the x-ray. I usually check with 11/12 explore and I fail to detect it. I may have burnished it didn’t feel it. Now assistants are questioning my skills and my manager jokingly laughed at me and informed me that she heard I’m fired. I am proud of myself for it but I am not ashamed of it either for leaving sub cal unintentionally. I am continue to learn and improving but the way this Associate Dr. who started working for 2monthes who has no authority to fire me said that I’m fired infront of other workers and to my manager caused me tremendous amount of emotional pain and stress. Although my manager is trying to fire this Dr. because everyone refused to assist her for being rude and unprofessional. I am feeling defeated….

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1 Answer

Don’t feel defeated! Even though we try, we all miss calculus sometimes unintentionally. To help avoid missing calculus, make sure your instruments aren’t in need of replacement and are sharp, make sure your ultrasonic tips/inserts aren’t in need of replacement, and that you are using the appropriate ultrasonic insert/tip at the appropriate setting. Also, evaluate if you are being given enough time to treat patients.
I don’t feel joking about being fired is funny, nor should someone with no authority to fire you be telling your co-workers you are fired. I would suggest sitting down with your boss (the owner of the practice) to discuss this unprofessional behavior. Co-workers should not be undermining other co-workers because it can pull the team apart. I certainly couldn’t work in an office atmosphere where that was happening!
I’m sorry this is happening to you! Addressing it with your boss head-on will hopefully help the situation. I wish you the best of luck! Keep your chin up!

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