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Finish hygiene protocol

I have to say something.
And ask about what you guys think about it.
I work in this dental clinic
I had patient who came before other hyg work in our office before 2 months. She did cleaning of mand only. Now when he came i saw alot of build up so as per our way of working , i started reassessing the prev scaled area. It took me 3 u to finish off. And his appt finished. I had no idea about his insurance. He had only 3 u in his insurance. When office called him that he doesnt have any more units, he became mad that he is going to sue me for this. As he is having missing teeth, he is like there is no way it takes so much time. So he threaten the clinic and now my employer threaten me that i will get law suite and was blaming me for i feel nothing. I cried so much just to follow the rules and doing right thing. I dont know whom to talk this about. Pt also said like if we gv free cleaning then he wont complain. He knows people in media and court. I am so scared for nothing. I am hoping to get any help from you guys.

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1 Answer

I can only speak to this situation from the viewpoint of United States dentistry. In the U.S., we treat the patient based on their individual needs, we don’t treat them based on their insurance. The patient is given a breakdown of their insurance benefits, a treatment plan, and is responsible for what isn’t covered. They can either go ahead with treatment or not. A dental office has no control over a patient’s insurance policy or coverage.
If a patient decides to come in for a dental cleaning within a time frame before their insurance will cover it (for instance if their insurance covers every 6 months, however, they came in at 4 months by choice), that’s completely on them. Though most offices will remind the patient of their insurance benefits, if they want to proceed, they will have to pay out of pocket. A dental office can explain coverage and benefits, but if a patient has a problem with the amount of coverage or benefits, they need to be calling the insurance company directly because again, a dental office has no control over that.
No matter where you live and practice dental hygiene, I strongly feel your employer should back you with your treatment recommendations or with angry patients. If they don’t, or if you don’t share the same patient care standard, its time to move on.
Is there a dental board or dental governing body you can ask about this situation? Not knowing the rules, regulations, and laws where you’re at, its hard to give a definitive answer – except for the fact that it just all sounds wrong! Hang in there and contact your regulatory board. Best of luck!

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