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First Interiew

I have my first interview this week. It’s not a working interview, but the office manager said I would just meet with her and the dentist and kind of get to know each other. I am so nervous and don’t really know what kind of questions to expect. Does anyone have any tips? Any questions I could ask that I may not think of? Thanks!

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1 Answer

I am a recent graduate and have been going on interviews off and on for different offices for the last 5 or 6 months. I know how you feel because i was very nervous my first few interviews. Dont worry though, the sit down interviews are basically just time to get to know you. Unlike some other careers, the interviewer is most likely not trying to trick you or ask you any super hard questions. They just want to see if your personality fits well in the office and show you their office. As long as you are friendly they will most likely love you. Some questions you may want to ask are questions like “what is the typical day like for a hygienist who works here? Mostly just prophys? Many s/rp patients? Mostly elderly patients?” I dont like to discuss salary at the first interview but sometimes you can ask them HOW they pay. Is it by day? By patient? By commission? Bonus pay? I also like to ask how long their appointments are. I like to ask who takes the xrays? Many offices the hygienist is just expected to take bwx and the assistants take fmx but other offices require the hygienist to take fmx. Also, i ask how often they update xrays. Is it a digital office or film? All of this gives me an idea of what i will be doing during appointments if i were to work in that office so i know what to expect. Finally, dont be discouraged if a few interviews dont go well or you dont get called back. It is nothing personal, it just means that maybe that office was not a right fit for you. You will eventually find an office that is right for you and you feel comfortable in. Also, dont be afraid to let places know you are available to temp, this gives you experience and a better feel for what kind of offices you like to work in.

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