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Flat rate pay

When I was hired I was told I would be paid a “flat rate per day” of 8 hours. My hours are from 7:50-5:00. My lunch “hour” is 50 minutes but in reality it is 40 minutes. My lunch starts at 12:00, It should be from 12-12:50. My next patient appointment is at 12:50 so that doesn’t exactly give me 50 minutes. I don’t feel it’s fair that I’m not receiving an hour for lunch and only paid for 8 hours per day when I am working over 8 hours. My paystub says I am salary. If I don’t have a full schedule and I leave, I am not getting paid for a full day. That is not salary. Salary is a fixed amount every payheck no matter what. How should I approach my boss in this situation?

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1 Answer

Discussing pay structure is always a tough one. It’s especially hard because when you took the position, you essentially agreed to the pay structure offered. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean changes should not or cannot be made.
Personally, I would sandwich the conversation. What I mean by that is start the conversation focusing on positive things, bring up your concerns, then end on a positive note, hence “the sandwich.” For instance, begin by mentioning that you really enjoy working for your boss and at the office, the team is great, things like this.
Then I’d bring up your concerns. Something along the lines like you are concerned that the flat rate per day, based on an 8 hour day with an hour lunch, doesn’t seem to be working out like you thought it would. Use examples and base your concerns on facts, not feelings.
After voicing your concerns, end on a positive note like you began on. Whether it be complimenting the doctor on patient care and quality of work, how they treat their employees fairly, whatever it may be, just make it be positive.
The biggest thing is to be honest and direct, all the while being professional and respectful. Speak to your boss how you would want to be spoken to yourself. Again, this is a tough one so I wish you the best of luck!

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