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Front Desk Administrator

I’ve been working at my office for about a year, and we have a front desk administrator who started two months before i was employed there. She deals with insurance, recalls, and the usual stuff that front desk administrator is responsible for (pretty much everything). Our only assistant is pregnant and only does the minimum work since she always complain about being tired and having to leave early. As a hygienist, I sometimes come in on days that we don’t have patients to do recalls and make appointments and get paid $20/hr to do so. However, now the doctor is asking me to do more stuff such as insurance verification, spreadsheets for our office income, and other things that the front desk is supposed to do. Our front desk sometimes makes a lot of mistakes or tend to forget stuff such as checking insurance to see if a patient is qualified for pano, bitewings, and such on that day. I’ve been helping out a lot around the office since the dental assistant doesn’t want to do more than her minimum work and always have excuses that it’s not her responsibility. Is it fair for me to come in on days I’m off and not get paid as a hygienist and pretty much pick up the front desk’s slacks and helping her out even though that’s what she’s getting paid to do?

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1 Answer

This is a tough one because it sounds like you are getting paid $20/hour for coming in on your days off, but it sounds like it is becoming more of a regular obligation rather than just helping out around the office. If you are not wanting to come in and earn that extra money on your day off, then I would talk to your doctor and let him or her know that you would rather have those days off. However, if you still want to earn the extra money when you don’t have patients, and don’t mind coming in, then you could try talking to your doctor to see about getting paid more. My guess is that he or she will not give you full hygienist salary since they are already offering a different rate. It might also be worthwhile looking at this whole thing in a different light — assuming you do want to keep making the extra money when you don’t have patients, it might actually be a good thing that you are able to pick up the slack. Many hygienists don’t get paid anything when they don’t have patients, even within a work day. There’s worse things than having the option to come in when you don’t have patients. Again though, this depends if you really want to be doing that or not. If you would rather have an unpaid day off, then talk to your doctor and let them know that.

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