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Got let go from job of 23 years

Hi, I worked at an office one day a week for 23 years, six of which with a new DDS. owner
The last two years the DDS hired a consulting firm. We were all to conform to what they said and I /we tried. The practice became product / money orientated.. Couldn’t bring up differences even during staff meetings.I always tried to do what was asked and just bringing up any concerns was considered push back.
Well a new staff meeting was held with this firm and I got labeled a ring leader and I wouldn’t let anyone else talk.
Now I contributed to all questions because if you don’t your considered non compliant.. Other staff scared to even talk because of fear of being given a reprimand letter.
One scenario we had to go over how to handle patients with various examples. I did but when asked to do it again in front of them I rolled my eyes because its so uncomfortable. My mistake.. The consulting Lady kept pulling DDS aside and I believe telling him I am a problem!
Another issue all staff was to be critiqued by this firm with patients in the chair I was uncomfortable with this and I stated I have a neck issue that keeps me from working extra days. DDS says I can do it I have too many excuses. Well I was given a choice to leave now or work until January 1st. I chose now.

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1 Answer

I am so sorry you have had to deal with this! This type of situation is what gives consulting firms (and dentistry) a bad name. To be honest, it may be a blessing in disguise. While it feels like being stabbed in the back by the office you were so loyal to, it doesn’t sound like its the same office you once knew. It also sounds like no matter what you were to do (be quiet or speak up) you’d be in trouble for it and that’s not an office you want to work at. Again, it may be a blessing in disguise even though it doesn’t feel like that right now. I wish you the very best of luck!

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