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Has anyone cleaned a tooth to be extracted to see how well you did on SRP?

I have recently been insecure about my ability to do a thorough job at SRP, especially since starting a new job at a corporate dental office who expects 4 quads of SRP (and some VERY difficult SRP’s) in 1 hour or less. They want me to hurry through cleanings so I am free to seat new patients and get their xrays, do exams with the doctor, perio chart every new patient so we know what type of cleaning they will need and numb all the doctor’s patients for him. I started cleaning teeth that I knew were going to be extracted right after SRP and looked to see how much calculus I removed. It seems I am doing an ok job with calculus removal in a short amount of time but I want to do better than ok. Has anyone else done this on teeth to be extracted to check their instrumentation skills and how do you do a good job when you are rushed through appointments?

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1 Answer

Yes, I did this right out of hygiene school with my first job. Pt needed S/RP and then would go to periodontist for Perio surgery and a couple of extractions. I went to watch her surgery and asked the Perio office to keep the extracted teeth so that I could see how well my instrument ion was. There were some calculus missed, but the pockets were at least 7-8mm +. I felt I did spectacular considering the pocket depths and my limited experience. I decided then that if the pockets are past 6-7mm that periodontist referral is necessary. Just remember S/RP is Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy. I’ve watching many Perio surgeries and the periodontist asked me once……do you know how I remove calculus? (Surgical flap was opened and I could see the root of tooth and the jagged bone…..he took a high speed hand piece and smoothed the splintery jagged bone along with using it on the calculus). I thought he would pick up a scaler to remove the calc. Boy was I wrong. Lol. Lesson learned the periodontist has many trucks up their sleeves.

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