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How long for actual physical cleaning of teeth?

I’m going around with my dentist a bit, because I feel like my cleanings are a great deal of talk and only about 10-15 minutes of actual physical cleaning. I understand that education is important, but after hearing the same thing every appt. for three years- 3 times per appt. (The hygienist gives me the information, including charts photo examples etc, repeats the information back to the dentist, then the dentist repeats the information again to me at the end of her short exam.) The cleaning part is generally very rushed and I’m usually left with a “we’ll get that next time”, which is very dissatisfying as a customer for the amount that it costs. Everyone is nice which is why it’s taken me so long to say anything, but it’s hard for me to afford any of this and they are such salesman- I don’t know if I’m actually getting the care I need.

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1 Answer

I’m so sorry you feel that you aren’t getting the care you need! How long the actual cleaning takes really depends on how healthy your mouth is. If you have fantastic home care and clean in between your teeth and brush well, your cleaning may be quicker than if your home care is poor. Some hygienists are quicker than others as well. I wonder how long the hygienist actually has for appointments because if they aren’t allowed enough time, set by the boss, they can be rushed.
Like you, I certainly wouldn’t be satisfied with, “we’ll get that next time.” It may be in your best interest to try a different office and see how your care compares. When finding a new office, I would ask how long is allotted for hygiene appointments. I personally wouldn’t go to an office if they are under 50-60 minutes.
I know finding a new office is a pain, but it may be worth it to give you piece of mind about the quality of your dental treatment. Again, I’m sorry you feel your care is less than adequate, you shouldn’t leave a dental office feeling that way!

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