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How much time do you take for SRP?

The two hygienists I work with require 2 hours for 2 quads of SRP regardless of amount of build up and pocket depth. I however find with some patients I don’t need the whole 2 hours and am feeling torn between wanting to request less time, maybe 90 min, and the other hygienists that are convinced I can’t do a good job with less than two hours. I explore everything several times and don’t dismiss the patient until I am satisfied with the smoothness of the roots. I also provide OHI at the end of every appointment, I’m not skimping on any care. How long does everyone else typically need?

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1 Answer

The last office I worked at allowed for an hour per quad. Some patients needed the full time, if not more, and some needed less. It was nice because if I finished early, I had time to stock my operatories, sharpen instruments, help in sterile, etc. Basically, it allowed me to be a contributing team member.
All hygienists are different. Some work faster, while some need more time. If you are exploring after instrumentation, and your patients have positive treatment outcomes, don’t worry about the other hygienists who say you need the full time. They are not you, you are not them. I know that’s easier said than done, but don’t let it get to you.
You could request less time, however, what if a patient ends up needing more? Plus it goes back to what I mentioned before about having time to help out around the office or sharpen instruments.
I would suggest doing what feels right to you. If you want to request less time than do so. If you want to use the extra time to contribute as a team member than do that. Unless there is an issue about the quality of care and treatment you provide, do what feels right!

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