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how to handle reprimand letter

The doctor told us he wanted to go paperless and it was discussed twice over the past year. The office has two receptionist whom are both now on maternity leave until January. It was decided that when they got back we would make a final push for paperless while having been entering data all along.


Well the doctor and the temporary receptionist told us out of the blue effective immediately we would no longer be using charts for all patients new and old. Now the doctor has been paperless for two years and the hygiene never. I work there one day a week so when I got to work I was bombarded by the assistants and other hygienist- they disagreed with the no chart /paperless idea. I agreed and during the morning staff meeting explained why it was to early for paperless since xrays, health history and other info not on computer made me feel blinded and unprofessional.


I asked the temp if she would pull my charts for that day, explained why and she agreed with my thanking her. Well the next work day I was asked into the doctors office and he told me he was very angry with me because the temp was upset. That she doesn’t need to work and he was afraid she would quit. That I was disruptive to the change and unprofessional in my approach. I never said never and do not believe I was being negative. He also told me that he wanted to fire me after the staff meeting but, waited a week to talk and give me the letter to sign. I was so upset and said he was being very difficult and I might not sign letter and he told me he would fire me if I didn’t sign.

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1 Answer

This is a really tough situation and I’ve been thinking hard on some good advice. I agree with you that you need access to health history, chart notes, previous radiographs, etc. to do your job comprehensively and to the best of your ability. I also question why the receptionist would be upset for being asked to do her job; and further why the doctor would pay her for a job if she didn’t want her to work?!


It sounds like there might be something bigger going on that you aren’t aware of. Since you are only in once a week, that gives the rest of the staff plenty of time to rile themselves up and the confrontation ends up being bigger than you were expecting. It’s a tough situation to be in, but I would say sign the reprimand letter if you want to keep the job. If you are realizing this is a place you don’t want to work and can afford to leave, then you might want to strongly consider that. The one caveat over all this is it seems weird he would want you to sign this letter. I’m not an attorney and don’t have any HR type experience so I’m not sure why this is. Something to maybe look into though.


I’m really sorry you are going through this. The staff should be understanding and supportive as to why you want health history, chart notes, previous radiographs, etc… It’s what you need to provide the best patient care! Unfortunately, this particular issue seems to have blown up into something bigger than it should be. Maybe getting to the root of that will help solve the problem. I wish you the very best of luck!

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