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Is your office busy?

Hello! My office is located in central Fl (Oviedo) and we are extremely slow. Is everyone in the same position? Any recommendations?

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1 Answer

Toward the end of the year, things should actually be picking up. Patients tend to want to use their dental benefits before they run out and go unused. This is something that the front desk should be reminding patients of if they have unused benefits and have pending treatment. The front desk should keep a short call list for patients who would like to come sooner if there is a cancellation. Charts should also be audited on a regular basis for patients with treatment who haven’t been scheduled or are passed due for their hygiene appointment. Most practice management systems have a way of tracking this too, it just needs to be utilized by the front desk. During a hygiene appointment if the patient has treatment, you should remind them, also explaining why the treatment should be completed. When a patient is finished with treatment, their next appointment should be scheduled before they leave. This also goes for any treatment the doctor recommended during the hygiene exam. If cancellations and no shows are a problem, a no show/cancellation policy should be implemented; for repeat offenders a fee can be charged. Along with signed HIPAA consents, etc. this should be a policy that is signed by the patient. The last office I worked out did this and we rarely needed to charge anyone because just one charge would get the point across to the patient. We also always had a full schedule because of it. To help with patient compliance regarding restorative work, schedule the patient’s hygiene appointment and have their restorative appointment scheduled right after so the patient doesn’t need to make two trips and take more time off work to come in multiple times. These are just a few ideas; it sounds like your office needs to sit down and implement a scheduling system to keep the schedule full. I hope this helps!

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