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Leaving calculus

I had a SRP pt on the second week of my first job and had 30 mins for 2 quad. I only had panoramic xray to begin with and did not have time to expose bws since I only had 30 mins for 2 quad and of course I was working blind because pano didn’t really showed where the calculus were located.
Pt came in a month after to examined for other areas, one of the doctor in our office took the xrays and saw some calculus left behind on the quad I did SRP on.
She planned another SRP on that quad and I just feel so horrible that I did not remove everything….
I have requested the front desk about increasing the time schedule for SRPs and new pts (also 30 mins) and they said they will try, but another problem is, one of the front desk coworker always!! accepts pts who are late, even 30 mins and that throw off my schedule.
What should I do? I am a new grad and already feeling if I choose the right career.

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1 Answer

Please don’t feel like you didn’t choose the right career! It sounds like you may just not be in an office that fits you; an office that respects you. Being expected to do 2 quads of SRP in 30 minutes is absurd. It isn’t only a disservice to the patient, but to you because being overworked can lead to musculoskeletal injury. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is an hour per quad (of course this depends on the severity of the patients condition).
Taking radiographs a month later and seeing radiographic calculus doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t remove every thing. Patients can build calculus in 48 hours depending on saliva composition, especially if their home care isn’t up to par. However, even if you did leave calculus, what does the doctor expect if you are not given an adequate amount of treatment time?! Would the doctor be okay if the front desk cut their treatment time in half? I bet not.
Because you’ve already had a chat with the front desk person to no avail, it might be time to go to the doctor with your concerns. Not only do you need an adequate amount of time with your patients, but your office needs a late policy as well. An appointment time is not a suggestion, its a commitment. If a patient is 30 minutes late, they need to reschedule; not only so they get proper care, but because it isn’t fair to all of the patients who show up afterward and are seen late even though they showed up on time. Constantly running late is an easy way to lose patients or future referrals.
Please have a chat with the doctor. After, if you still aren’t given adequate treatment time with your patients, it might be time to move on from that office.

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