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Pregnancy and leave job dilemma

I have been working at my current office for 7 years. I have developed very close relationships with a lot of my patients. Last year my wonderful boss retired and another dr took his practice. We have a small practice (now 2 hygienists) but I predominately only see my patients. Things have gone sour and I have been very unhappy for a while now. I am pregnant and have decided not to return to this office after the baby is born. I am seeking advice on how to tell my dear patients ( who do not know I am pregnant yet) that I will not be returning. I know some of them will not continue to go there. Many will also ask for my address and phone number I would love to stay in touch with them after I leave. I highly doubt my new boss will give me any compensation unlike my old boss would have so I dont feel the need to return. Any advice??

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1 Answer

This might be something that needs to be asked to the doctor; how they prefer the patients be told. Meaning if its okay for you to tell them or if the doctor would prefer to tell them after you have left. The reason I say this is because if the doctor sees you telling them and giving out your contact info, he/she may take that as you “stealing their patients.” Technically, they are the doctor’s patients and there is a risk of being sued if you invite them to follow you to a new practice.
If the doctor has no problem with you telling patients, then you just tell them how it has been awesome to treat them over the years however once your baby is born you will not be returning to the practice. Keep it short and sweet as to not create any legal problems.
It’s hard to leave a practice because of our bonds with patients, but don’t let that bond get you into trouble. I wish you the best of luck and congrats on the baby on the way!

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