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Relocating to Florida from Wisconsin

I have been very frustrated with the job market in my area (Green Bay, Wi) for 6 years now that I have been practicing, b/c of unstable market and for several other unrelated reasons we are looking to relocate to Florida. I am not sure what the job market looks like there, but imagine every area is saturated. I am looking into getting my license to practice there, but it is looking like I have to re-take a clinical board exam!!!! This is so frustrating! I am wondering if anybody has had any experience with this and if they could point me in the right direction to figure out how I go about doing this and if it is even worth it. I thought dental hygiene would be so rewarding, but I’m just not satisfied and feel I have so much more to offer in my field. It’s like I just can’t find the right fit! Any input would be helpful for me! Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

I would research DH schools in Florida. As a DH practicing in Florida, I can tell you that the job search has been tough due to the output of graduates from a local DH school in my area. I have heard from others DH’s in Florida that once they moved to an area that wasn’t saturated with graduates, the job search proved to be a lot easier. Also, I would suggest being very meticulous with reading the FL state laws and what they require for a license transfer from another state. Some states require a certain amount of experience of practice (1-2 years) and/or a written recommendation from a dentist you have worked for. Before you make the commitment to move, I would definitely be sure you met all of the state requirements to make the transition smooth and ensure that you can land a job. Hang in there, you can do it! And good luck!

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