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should i stay or should i go

I’m a new grad, and when i first got hired, my employer promised me 3-4 days a week if not more. there are currently 2 hygienists, and they hired me as the third. I was filling in for a maternity leave, but since the office was expanding, he was going to keep me. Now that the other hygienist is back from maternity leave, he told me since he has a certain amount of chairs open, he’s going to pick the better hygienists to fill the first two chairs. he said obviously i was not one of the better hygienists. Now i will only be working one day a week since i am not “the best” He comes to me and says i am not fast enough with finishing a new patient in one hour, exam, fmx, charting and treatment planning all in one visit. I also missed a little piece of calculus on one pt and little stain on another, and he brings it up as if its a big deal. Brings up that I overlapped on an X-ray when explained to him that the pt has overlapped teeth. I am just overwhelmed and don’t feel like i am a good hygienist. it is wearing me down and am not happy in being there. should i stay or should i go?

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1 Answer

I have learned from experience that being promised certain things, then the doctor not delivering on those promises is a red flag. I’m going to assume that you took this job because you needed 3-4 days a week; if you’re not getting that, it may be time to look for another office that can fulfill this need. About the criticisms: my question would be, was it constructive criticism or was more it along the lines of belittlement? Does the doctor do the same to the other two hygienists or are you being singled out? If you are being singled out for mistakes that the other hygienists get away with, I question if it’s truly constructive criticism. I don’t think anyone should be making you feel like you aren’t a good hygienist, but really take a step back and question if the doctor is trying to help you become even better or just making you feel bad. No matter how long you have been a hygienist, we all make mistakes like not opening contacts or leaving a piece of calculus or stain. Again, pointing this out as constructive criticism is one thing but anything else is uncalled for. If this office is wearing you down and making you unhappy, I don’t think it is your “forever office.” It is ultimately your decision, but I always encourage finding an office that makes you love what you do.

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