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Strange interview process?

Hey! So I’ve just moved back to my hometown and started applying for jobs online. I went for an interview at one dental office and she started off with asking me to do a working interview that day. (I came in interview clothes, not scrubs) She had already called the dentist to ask her to bring scrubs for me. Strange but okay, I ended up working. We had about 30 minutes before the day started so we sat down to have a chat. She told me all about the dental office and then handed me a piece of lined paper, asked me five questions about what she just told me (When the clinic opened, where was the dentist from, where he graduated from and what year, etc) Strange, but I was listening so I got them right. (Guess she was checking to see if I was paying attention) Throughout my working interview I noticed she was a big fan of gum surgery. EVERY patient I had that day (8 in total) had, had gum surgery from her at some point. I looked at previous notes and their recession (in my opinion, wasn’t that bad; 1-2mm) Also, the entire time I was there, she had been interviewing other hygienists, which sort of made me uncomfortable because I could hear their conversation in the next room. Anywho, moving forward, I ended up temping for them the next Friday. She called me the week after to say they’d like me to come in for Wednesdays, which originally she told me their schedule is 1-8pm but have now booked me for 3:30-8pm. She called me a few days later and said she would like to discuss more days but only for a three week period. They want me to come in for three weeks full-time and we can discuss after that, if they want me or not. The last time I was there, I checked the schedule for the previous hygienist and her schedule seemed to be all over the place and inconsistent. I live quite far and this worries me. I’ve been to tons of interviews and this one is definitely unique. To add on, a friend of my dads who lives in this town, goes to this dentist and he says he always sees a new hygienist. The only thing keeping me going right now is the potential hours (it’s very difficult to find full-time hygiene around here and the drive is quite nice.) Am I being naive? Not sure if they’re just using me or what? Kind of a rant, but if anyone could give me some advice? I’m about four years into the field, but have only worked at two offices permanently, otherwise I’ve temped. The interview process is a bit new to me, my previous offices were so simple in regards to interviewing and getting started. Thanks!

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1 Answer

All of these things are a little odd, especially when you put them all together, and could be seen as red flags. A big red flag is that your friend’s dad always sees a different hygienist; meaning its a revolving door of hygienists who leave or are fired. It also sounds like they are using working interviews as covering as a temp. I think you are being the opposite of naive and have a gut feeling some of this doesn’t seem “right.” Go with your gut. If this office seems off, don’t settle.

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