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Tips for selling retail products?

Does anyone have any tips or online resources for help in selling products such as electric brushes, FL2 varnish, Prevident, etc? I have many patients that I know would benefit from these products and am definitely educating them on WHY they would benefit, but many times the patients still do not opt to purchase….

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1 Answer

If you personally feel the patient would benefit from said product then it’s really not difficult to sell it to them. If the price is really too high a mark up then I could understand why pts aren’t buying. We can mark up too high and then never sell any of the inventory. Not everyone needs electric brush and there are so many on the market that pt can purchase at the big box stores which makes it a tough sell. Now, sell a brush that you use every single day that can’t be purchased at the local store….
Most of the time it’s not the why the pt will benefit…..it’s a: this is what I am seeing in your mouth today. You need to be using a prescription fluoride toothpaste as your regular tooth paste. You can purchase one tube that will last you maybe three months to use as your regular everyday toothpaste. I have mint, berry or bubblegum flavor……which flavor would you like? Sit and wait…….do not say anything until they answer your question. I have yet to find a fluoride varnish that stays where you paint it. We get so many free samples of this that I don’t try to sell it. If the pt needs it on a few teeth then place it for free. Sometimes if you’ve talked to pt about what x,y,z product they need it also helps if the doctor mentions it also during the exam……..write a small note : recommend x and the doc will back you up and if the pt hears it from you and the doc then you should be home free.

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