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Unsupportive Staff at New Office

Last week I started working at a new office, and initially I was very excited. There are many perks compared to the office I recently left, and the Dds seems like a very nice, even keeled sort of guy. It’s a small practice, but clean and state of the art. I had even done a working interview, which left me feeling very comfortable and optimistic.
Fast forward to today, half way through my second week (tecnichally my 6th day), and I am starting to panic. I feel like every time I turn around, I’m being told I’m doing something wrong, and not in a constructive, helpful way. I was given a brief run through on basic protocol on the first day, and from there just sort of left to my own devices. No one has checked in with me to see how it’s going, or asked if I needed anything. Other than at a staff meeting held on my second day, no one has asked if I have any questions. Yet they don’t hesitate to lecture me, and make me feel incredibly incompetent if I make a mistake, or miss something, as if I should have somehow absorbed every bit of pertinent information by osmosis.
One person, in particular, is especially guilty of this. She was not introduced to me as the office manager, but she is acting like that with regard to me, and practically reprimanding me. In fact, said employee even presented me with a breakdown of my daily production and lectured me about not reaching the hygiene production goal- ON MY FIRST DAY!!
I’ve been the new kid on the block before, and it’s always leaves me feeling a bit awkward and flustered, but I’ve never encountered this. Usually staff members go out of their way to help make the transition smooth for everyone.
Twice I’ve cried on the way home. I don’t want to jump ship so soon, but I don’t know how to handle this!

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1 Answer

Oh no, this doesn’t sound fun at all! I always figure the first 3-4 weeks when starting at a new office are going to be the worst; awkward, feeling like I don’t know how the office wants things done, etc. However, this sounds like more than that.
While I think it’s not very team-like to leave you to your own devices, have you asked questions to help you get accustomed to things? Again, I feel team members should support one another, but it takes both sides.
Certain team members making you feel incompetent causing you to cry on the way home, multiple times, is not okay! Being lectured on production your first day isn’t entirely okay in my book either. What a situation!
My first suggestion would be to sit down with the doctor/boss. I would ask how they think you are doing and if there’s anything you should be doing differently. After that, I would ask just who the “office manager” and who you report to because you are getting mixed signals from team members. You don’t want to come off as complaining, but like you are looking for clarification. I would then express concerns of being reprimanded your first day over production goals and the lack of support from team members. Again, you don’t want to come off like you are complaining, but you feel offices work best when everyone works as a team and you don’t feel that so far.
After you’ve expressed your concerns, leave the conversation on a positive note. Something like you just want to make sure you are fitting in and exceeding expectations.
After a conversation with the boss/doctor, give it some time. If things change, you are good to go. If they don’t, then it’s time to make a decision. Listen to your gut. I’ve worked at an office where I cried more working there than I did in hygiene school. I promise you, your sanity and mental well-being isn’t worth putting yourself through that. I lost a ton of weight (not actually a bad thing) but started throwing up before work from the anxiety and was a miserable wreck to those around me outside of work. I even started resenting my career choice. Again, not worth it!
Talk to the doctor/boss and go from there. If you have a bad feeling about what its like to work there, make a change!

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