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What to do if you don’t feel like your job is a good fit

I recently moved and started working at an office last week. After taking the position, I realized that it is very unorganized and patient care is not their main focus. There is a negativity in the office and I actually sometimes feel very umcomfortable with the situations I have been put in. I am too nice of a person and feel guilty for wanting to leave so soon. Any advice for this situation? Part of me tells me I should stay and try to help them but the other part of me is telling me to run. I have only been working as a hygienist for 1 year with not much experience so any advice will help. Thanks!

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2 Answers

While there are some things you can help change at a new office, like organization, others are simply out of your control. Patient care standard is sometimes one of those things. I worked at an office where the doctor cared more about the money the office made than the patients and no matter how many times I spoke with him and the office manager about it, nothing changed. It actually created tension and made it more uncomfortable to work there. This is just my experience. So you need to breakdown what it is about the office that makes it not the best fit and decide if those things are changeable and if they are things you can live with, keeping in mind that all offices are going to have their own quirks. You need to work in an office that shares your same patient care standard to not only do right by the patients, but to keep you from becoming bitter and jaded about hygiene.
You could always give it a few months and see if things can change, but if they don’t you need to be ready and willing to make the choice to move on and not feel bad about it. In the meantime, it probably wouldn’t hurt to put your feelers out there and see if there are any other jobs available. It can be tough right now, so you might not want to quit your job until you have another one lined up.

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I had worked at an office right after I got my license and I felt this same way. I ended up telling myself that maybe I just felt that way because I was a new hygienist and I should try to stick it out. After a couple months, I realized it wasn’t just because I was a new hygienist, and I needed to get out of that office. In my opinion, you know when something isn’t right, and if you are having that feeling after being there only a week, your feeling are probably justified.

I started looking for a new job about a month or two after I started at that office. I didn’t end up finding one until about 8 months after I started looking. I don’t know what city you are in, but I would go ahead and start putting out resumes so you have options. While I was looking for a new job, I stayed at that office and my bad feelings only got worse. It was like Kara said, I ended up starting to feel like I chose the wrong profession. I didn’t want to work as a hygienist if all offices were like the one I was in. Luckily, when I got into a new office, all those feelings went away and now I completely love hygiene and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

I think it is best for you to do some job searching and send out resumes so you don’t have to possibly stay in a really bad situation for long. It may end up being better than you expect at your current office, but at least you will have some choices.

Good luck!!

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