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What’s the best affordable saddle chair to buy?

Hello, I’m looking for a saddle chair to buy for myself. My budget is max $200. Does a split saddle make any difference vs. a non-split?
I’m 5’0 ft female
Thank you!

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1 Answer

There isn’t a one-size-fits all when it comes to saddle stools. What works for one person may not work for you. If a saddle stool is not properly fitted to you, it can cause more problems than help. Quality also matters, so a budget of $200 is probably not enough to get a quality saddle stool that will prevent musculoskeletal injury. A Today’s RDH article said it well, “Without proper fit and customization, a generic saddle stool can do more harm than good with respect to musculoskeletal injury. Also, consider the amount of money you will save over time by missing work due to injury or pain and in medical costs. Not to mention the decreased pain and possible physical disorders that can be avoided with the proper saddle stool, which can lead to quality of life issues and a shortened career altogether.
For instance, for easy numbers let’s say you make $300 per day (working eight hours at a rate of $37.50). If you can avoid missing four days of work, your saddle stool paid for itself. Think a little longer-term. If your career is shortened by months or even years due to musculoskeletal injury and/or pain, you’ve lost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Here, the upfront cost of a quality, individualized-fit saddle stool pays for itself many times over. How much is your quality of life and career worth?
As dental hygienists, we know the power of prevention; it saves time money and discomfort, some of which can last a lifetime. We preach to our patients about prevention. Don’t you think it is time to practice prevention for your own health? Saddle stools have taken ergonomics and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders to a new level.”
Source: https://www.todaysrdh.com/saddle-stools-the-importance-of-quality-and-individualized-fit/

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