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Wrist pain in non dominant wrist

I am a 5 day per week hygienist and for the past 2 weeks I’ve had wrist pain in my left wrist (I am a right handed hygienist) what is up!? I thought maybe I had slept weird on it for several nights in a row and thought maybe it could be a pinched nerve in my neck. I know the majority of advice will be to see my doctor and chiropractor which I plan to do (but as a 5 day per week hygienist getting any appointment to coordinate with my schedule is near impossible) I guess my main question to other hygienists is, has anyone else experienced wrist pain in the non dominant wrist? I am just finding it weird that my dominant wrist isn’t hurting and it takes a lot of abuse! The pain is more of an ache and travels to my middle and ring fingers, no tingling or numbness, just aching. I am cutting back my hours in October to 4 days a week which will be better on my body but took on the 5 days per week to fill in for another hygienist that had surgery…hoping I’m not next on the list haha! Thanks in advance for the advice 🙂

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1 Answer

Buy the wrist timer from Posturedontics. I have wrist pain in both wrists. I have a PT that does Dry Needling on my hands, arms, neck, shoulders … Any area that needs it. You use your non dominant hand retracting with mirror, holding tongues and cheeks etc… Make sure you aren’t raising elbow in the air too long. The book Practicing Dentistry Pain Free has been very helpful too. Both wrists pop and ache on occasion. I know that once your neck and shoulders are exhausted from static positions that other muscles go into overdrive like the elbow, wrist and hand. Research dry needling too. It’s very beneficial. 30 seconds of dry needling is comparable to 30 minutes of deep tissue massage.

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